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WHAO & LGW: Backpacks for a Bright Future (Videos)
The Executive Director of Legion of Good Will, Mr. Danilo Parmegiani interviewed by WHAO.Over hundred backpacks been full filled, ready to be distribute to children inneed.Volunteers from all over the world gathering together help preparing food and packaging backpacks for children.
WHAO & LGW: Backpacks for a Bright Future
The World Human Accountability Organization and the Legion of Good Will teamed up for 2018’s Backpacks for a Bright Future campaign that took place in Newark, New Jersey on September 12, 2018. The campaign aimed to provide children from local homeless shelters and low-income families in the Newark, New Jersey area with backpacks filled with brand-new school supplies. This year’s goal was to distribute over 300 backpacks. The campaign aims to boosts new school year with new school supplies for the disadvantaged children, eliminating the deprivation and violence that many students face in the absence of adequate learning tools. Both organizations hope to provide children from low-income families with the necessary school supplies to help them embrace the new school year with a positive attitude and sense of openness to all kinds of possibilities that can be achieved through education. We are dedicated to providing a fair chance for every child around the world.60 Children from homeless shelters in Newark were the first group of beneficiaries. Not only did they receive backpacks, they were also invited to participate in various activities and games where they played to win. These activities promoted strengthening leadership skills and operating as a team player.The children were treated to a fun-filled unforgettable day that consisted of snacks, face painting, music, games and new school supplies. Members and volunteers of Legion of Good Will and WHAO set up different stations that catered to the children's diverse scope of interests, such as Face Painting, Pretzels & Marshmallows Game, Chopsticks Finger Game, Musical Chairs Game, Food & Drinks, and I Have A Dream Stations, etc. All booths ultimately led to each child receiving a backpack filled with tools they need to succeed in their educational pursuits. The games and activities were included to encourage each child to have a healthy self-esteem, and to develop strong self-motivation and character.Both organizations worked together in planning, raising funds, gathering donations, organizing activities, and distributing the backpacks. As WHAO is a non-profit organization that promotes partnership, this event highlighted the importance of joint efforts by organizations and individuals.

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