World Human Accountability Organization Inc.

|Our Team|
Youyu Zhu
Chairman of XD(Xidian) Group
President of the United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Association
President of World Human Accountability Organization
President of the United Nations School of Business

Youyu Zhu is the Chairman of the World Human Accountability Organization (“WHAO”) and XiDianMinSheng Group. With over 25 years of experience in both public and private sectors, Mr. Zhu grew his company from a team of 3 employees into a conglomerate consisting of thousands of employees over the course of a few years. His professional experience includes education, banking, insurance, international trade, entertainment, and telecommunications.

In addition to being an innovative businessman, Mr. Zhu has a strong passion for philanthropy through service. He cares deeply about the environment, helping the less fortunate, and also providing healthcare and education to those who need it the most. What started originally as Mr. Zhu’s desire to help others has quickly transformed into a collective movement to facilitate positive change in the world, now known as the World Human Accountability Organization.

Bina Wang
Chief Operating Officer of the WHAO
Chief Excutive Officer of XiDian Group U.S. Branch

Bina Wang is the Chief Operating Officer of WHAO. Her responsibilities include coordinating between internal and external contacts, assisting the Board of Directors with planning events and activities, and overseeing the general operations of the organization. Bina previously worked for a major U.S telecommunications company and a technology startup, which helped her gain experience in product development, project management, and business development. Having been born in China and lived in the U.S, Bina has an appreciation for all cultures and backgrounds, and wants to share that with others. Her professional experience, combined with her passion for helping others, make her an effective liaison to execute the WHAO's mission. Bina earned a B.S at the China University of Mining and Technology; she also has a Master of Electrical Engineering and Master of Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

Julia Gooding
Consultant of WHAO

Julia Gooding earned her Bachelor Degree from Brown University and Master Degree in Harvard University of Education, she also received an Ed.M. in International Education Policy in 2012. Julia has 8 years of NGO experiences, she worked at a Manhattan-based China labor rights NGO. She consulted with American schools on international admissions and partnership programs, and worked in admissions and ran an international student program at an American boarding school. She has been WHAO's consultant since 2017.

Qihan Dong 

        Designer/Project Manager 

Qihan Dong earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Parsons The New School of Design in 2018. Qihan believes the fashion industry is the most political industry among all. Therefore, she spent 4 years with focused studies of environmental sustainability, systems of society, and social justice through the lense of design. Qihan was offered to join WHAO since Feburary 2018, she designs and produces both 2D and 3D outcomes for WHAO to deliver its mission and concept effectively, developing visual communication tools, such as website, publicity, fundraising systems(donors gifts), and various outreach initiatives based on different projects.

“ Dedicated towards building a better tomorrow ”